Tell the USPS Inspector General and the Postal Regulatory Commission to Step in to Allow Public Feedback on Louis DeJoy’s “Dramatic Changes” Now!

During his keynote address at the 2023 National Postal Forum, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy bragged about his effort to implement “dramatic changes” and increase the pace of his already devastating 10-year privatization plan.

While DeJoy is keeping most of the specific details a secret, we do know a little about his proposed “dramatic changes”. He’s already announced the consolidation of hundreds of postal processing centers across the country, which makes the facilities involved in the Sorting & Delivery Center consolidation significantly more vulnerable to a future shut down.

That’s not speculation either. The consolidation plan already includes the elimination of 200 “small and wasteful” annexes and “costs cutting” across the USPS delivery network responsible for reaching 165 million households six days a week.[1]

These cuts across the USPS delivery network could have especially devastating consequences for remote areas, rural, and Indigenous communities who rely on USPS to receive medications, social security checks and vote-by-mail.

These communities won’t be served by for-profit delivery services either. Because private companies like FedEx and UPS don’t find remote and rural areas to be profitable enough. In fact, they often rely on USPS for “last-mile-delivery” rather than deliver to remote areas themselves. USPS is required to deliver to all of us, because it’s not about turning a profit, it’s about serving people.

That’s just what we know already. DeJoy wants to keep the details hidden and the public out of the review process until it’s too late to stop him and the USPS is irrevocably damaged. DeJoy seems to think he can act alone, and when questioned by House Oversight Committee member, Rep. Summer Lee about why he’s not being transparent, he says postal regulators are overstepping.[2]

We will not back down from this fight. As long as Louis DeJoy is Postmaster and his 10-year stealth privatization plan is continuing to be implemented without time for the communities and postal workers who are affected to evaluate and provide public input, we’ll use every tool, agency, and resource we have to fight back and stop him. Join us by adding your name now.

Tell the USPS Inspector General and the Postal Regulatory Commission to Step In and Allow Public Feedback on Louis DeJoy’s “Dramatic Changes” Now!

[1] DeJoy rebuffs USPS regulator considering more ‘proactive’ role in postal oversight
[2] The Postal Service needs to improve transparency and do better for the American people