Virtual Phone Banking for Robert


Hi everyone,

I know a lot of us are nearing our capacities right now. Some of us are still sheltering in place, others are in large crowds every day standing up to police brutality.

In the midst of all this, we're still trying to win this campaign to bring real change to Louisville by way of District 4. The election is on June 23rd but mail-in voting is already underway. We'll be virtually phone banking to keep getting the word out and to mobilize our voters. We need your help!

Virtual phone banking can be done from your own home on your own time. You can live anywhere, you don't even have to live in Louisville. You can make the calls using your computer and you don't even have to dial the number yourself. We'll provide a script and supportive materials and we'll host short tutorials on Zoom to show you how to get into the system. It's really easy and the District 4 voters tend to be very, very kind.

If you're interested, please fill out the form attached here:
Love y'all,

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