Volunteer For Rent Control – Yes on Measure C!

Rents are skyrocketing in Sacramento. They’re among the fastest rising in the country and hundreds are being forced from their homes every month. But with Measure C, our city finally will have the tools to combat landlord greed that is displacing our neighbors.

Measure C will

  • Limit rents to inflation and no more than 5% annually

  • Ban unjust evictions by requiring reasonable cause for evicting problem tenants

  • Create a democratically elected unpaid board to fairly and efficiently resolve issues between landlords and renters.

Sacramento DSA has been in this fight since the beginning and we intend to finish what we started.

After collecting over 44,000 signatures to qualify Measure C and defeating real estate shill Councilor Steve Hansen, we are ready to do what it takes to win real rent control for every Sacramentan.

The task is monumental, but the Bernie and Katie Valenzuela campaigns have prepared us for this moment. The time is now to train hundreds of volunteers and turn them loose to spread our message. We are organized and we will win!

Will you make a difference with us? Join our movement to pass Measure C!

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