Volunteer for the War Room


This is an Election 2018 call to arms for progressive digital, communications and technology professionals!

Want to help secure a blue wave and progressive vision between now and November 6? Take a sabbatical! Can't take all that time off? Take two weeks! Take one! Only have nights and weekends? We'll take 'em!

We are a communications strategy group using rules of good messaging to produce, distribute, and amplify progressive campaigns in order to realize 2/3 control in the Oregon House and Senate, win the governorship, and ensure Democratic wins across Oregon and Southwest Washington.

We don't want to wake up November 7 with an election regret hangover. That's why we've created the War Room, a hub that's open from now until the week after the election for developing fast solutions and tactics to power a blue wave at the ballot box.

Friends, this is the election of a lifetime.  

Here in Oregon, there's a lot at stake. We're in striking distance of a supermajority control of state government. We have the opportunity to protect immigrant rights and women's reproductive freedom. And then there are the flippable districts: Two amazing candidates Jamie McLeod-Skinner (OR-2) and Carolyn Long (WA-03) are giving Trump loyalists a run for their money, and the outlook on their campaigns is consistently upgrading.  

But these wins are not in the bag. Far from it. The Koch Brothers are pouring money into Oregon to disrupt the election of our progressive powerhouse Governor Kate Brown. Voter turnout is not assured. Callers and canvassers across the state encounter potential voters who are completely in the dark about candidates and ballot measures.  If there were ever a year to make sure that inspirational empowering messaging is spread far and wide, this is it.

Please join us!

#bluewave #nobystanders #stormthemidterms

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