Volunteer for WAISN


The Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network is in search for committed volunteer/in-kind staff support that would help our collective work escalate and move forward to continue actively engaging over 150 organizations who make up our powerful network.

Our work is critical to ensure that services, information and strong advocacy moves across the state effectively. We are actively searching for committed volunteers who can work with the WAISN Staff on a series of projects & tasks.

What we need:

- Hotline Volunteer
- Graphic Design Volunteer
- Event Logistics Volunteer
- Language Access Volunteer
- Grant Writing Volunteer
- Technology for Social Justice Volunteer
- Volunteer Coordinator


- Flexible Hours & Not-Location Specific
- Skill Building on Immigrant Rights
- Networking with Immigrant Organizations Across Washington
- Funding for Leadership Development Opportunities
- Forever Good Karma

Hours vary depending on project and commitment.

Position: Hotline Volunteer

- Must be bilingual in at least English and Spanish
- Minimum commitment of 3 months
- Must have cell phone/tablet calls can be routed to
- Answer calls during the shift you signed up for & return calls in timely manner
- Complete & follow instructions on intake forms
- Participate in two hour training session
- Participate in bi-monthly team check ins

Position: Graphic Design Volunteer

- Create branding templates for different program/campaign content.

- Design WAISN T-Shirts for Events & Campaigns
- Innovate WAISN Collateral Content (Presentations, Posters, Flyers, SWAG)
- Join our Communications Teams Weekly Calls

Position: Event Logistics Volunteer

- Book venues for monthly General Meetings and other WAISN events
- Manage logistical contracting of venues, transportation, equipment and food for WAISN events
- Travel for onsight logistical support for some events
- Manage Printing & Material Requests

Position: Language Access Volunteer

- Identify and connect with interpreters to translate WAISN materials
- Contract interpreters for WAISN events in the language(s) needed
- Update & Manage WAISN’s interpreter list for the Hotline
- Gather interpretation equipment for some events.

Position: Grant Writer Volunteer

- Research & Share Funding Opportunities to the Network Members
- Submit One Grant on Behalf of WAISN on a Quarterly Basis
- Support in Strengthening Relationships with WAISN Funders

Position: Social Justice Technology Project Manager

-Plan Annual Code Bash Events
- Organize Quarterly Committee Meetings
- Create Project Goals & Work Plans
- Work Closely with Technology Leads
- Collaborate with WAISN National & Regional Partners for Tech Tools

Position: Volunteer Coordinator

- Vet Volunteers through one-on-ones
- Delegate tasks accordingly to other volunteers
- Track & manage relationships with WAISN volunteers
- Report back to WAISN staff
- Ensure tasks are moving forward, follow up as needed