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In 2018, construction on the 303-mile fracked-gas Mountain Valley Pipeline began in Virginia and West Virginia. Then, MVP announced plans to extend the unfinished mainline 73-miles into North Carolina via the MVP Southgate Extension, which would require a massive, polluting compressor station in a predominately Black community near Chatham, VA. Construction on Southgate will only begin if the compressor station gets approved, and NC DEQ has denied necessary permits multiple times on the grounds of the Clean Water Act.

MVP mainline construction has involved over 500 violations of permit conditions, laws, and regulations, and 75% of the route slices through 'moderate-high' or 'high' landslide risk terrain.

Disturbingly, MVP mainline was fast-tracked by Congress and the White House, a result of its corrupt inclusion in the nation’s must-pass debt ceiling legislation in June of 2023, which also codified disturbing rollbacks of critical environmental protections. The MVP provisions forced the approval of all remaining federal permits within 21 days, and forbids judicial review of any permits. These provisions did not include fast-tracking the MVP Southgate Extension.

The Mountain Valley Pipeline mainline has resumed construction, and as frontline community member and POWHR managing director, Russell Chisholm, put it: “The gas from the pipeline is unnecessary, the permanent local jobs provided are minimal, the endangerment to precious species is irreversible, water sources will be polluted, and earthquake and landslide prone areas stand in its wake. We are devastated but we will never give up on protecting our home.”

We still have a chance to stop the MVP Southgate Extension.

The MVP Southgate Extension is a proposed 73-mile extension of the main pipeline, from Pittsylvania County, Virginia into North Carolina’s Rockingham and Alamance counties. The MVP Southgate Extension would require a massive, polluting compressor station in a predominately Black community near Chatham, VA.

MVP Southgate developers have filed for an extension of their original certificate from FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), despite missing necessary authorizations and recently abandoning eminent domain proceedings for the project’s route through NC. Please sign and share our petition telling FERC to deny their request.

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