Volunteer with SF Parents to help Lainie & Lisa win in November!

Now that we've #ParentEndorsed Lainie and Lisa, it's time to mobilize and make sure they win in November!! It's going to take all of us to ensure that happens. Will you join our mighty parent volunteer team?!

Elections take effort and people to get candidates elected, and we're about to need a whole lot of help to get our Parent Endorsed candidates in office. Volunteer between now and Election Day (November 8th), and join us as we build a world-class canvassing team. And why not invite a friend?--volunteering together can be a blast!

Please sign up TODAY; we need you to help:

- Send handwritten postcards to voters across the city
- "Lit drop" at farmer's markets, grocery stores, neighborhood events
- Text-bank with us
- And more! It's fun! And there's sometimes pizza!

Sign up TODAY! Let’s make sure student-centered candidates like Lainie and Lisa keep their seats this November. Thank you!

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