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In the last 5 years, more than 150 non-profit community groups in California united around solutions to make sure seniors, young people, and families are able to find or keep housing that offers them opportunity and reduces their risk of becoming homeless, as speculators buy-up housing and push-out long term residents. Those solutions include protections so both homeowners and renters stay in their homes, and funds for the state to create tens of thousands of new homes affordable to everyday Californians — renters and first time homebuyers.

The government of California— the Governor, Assembly and Senate— has the power to fix our state’s housing crisis by using more of our state’s $286 billion budget, and by passing laws needed so all Californians have access to housing.  (For Example See: Housing Justice Community Unites Around Critical Budget Investments)  

Yet, mega corporate landlords work to block these solutions. In the last 5 years, corporate real estate interests have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to block solutions or pass their own laws, allowing them to buy-up housing, out-bid first time home buyers, raise rents and block renter protections.

Corporate real estate and landlord interests are now spending more to elect Assembly and Senate representatives who will not interfere with their profits from perpetuating the crisis.

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How do I Vote?  
Every voter in California was mailed an absentee ballot to fill out and put into the mail or drop off at a convenient drop box. You can find your closest ballot drop off location here:
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