Watch and Sign On to Tell the FTC: Stop Fake Pay Rate Scams Now!

Looking for a job isn’t easy and it’s not fun. Job interviews are stressful and take time not just for the interview itself, but the travel to and from and the preparation. Turning down a job you've been offered can mean losing unemployment benefits or starting the job hunt all over again.

McDonald's, Costco, and Staples are just a few of the many corporations who thrive by promising fake pay rates and listing false positions to lure in job applicants, only to take it all away in the final job offer.

These corporations are using bait & switch tactics to screw over workers by falsely advertising higher wages than they actually pay. The Federal Trade Commission is responsible for enforcing Truth in Advertising laws. It’s time they took action.

Watch the report and then sign the petition to the FTC: Stop Fake Pay Rate Scams Now!!

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