We Are All Muslim

We Are All Muslim  كلنا مسلمين

Amidst the speculation that the incoming administration will implement a Muslim registry, the Green Party hopes you will declare your intention to register, regardless of your religious beliefs. This action will show solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters, and also affirm that we will not sit idly and accept any government action or institution engaging in such blatant bias and bigotry.

Any law requiring registration of a specific group, based on religion, violates the First Amendment, which protects the free exercise of religion. The Muslim registry would unduly burden the practice of religion. It would serve to stigmatize an entire section of the American population while providing government approval and acceptance of marginalization of registrants.

We call upon all Americans to pledge to register as Muslim regardless of what religion or god you may believe in. Take the pledge now, before the Trump administration implements the registry. Take the pledge now and show your solidarity. Take the pledge now, be proactive not reactive; send the message. Not only is it inhumane to force any group of people to register, it is inhumane to remain silent. It is our duty to stand up to any injustice committed by our government, in our name, and against our people.  Stand in solidarity with our targeted fellow Americans; today, we are all Muslim!

Let not the hatred of a people swerve you away from injustice.  Be just, for this is closest to God-consciousness. - Quran 5:8