We Declare Jubilee: Education Forum

In this political education forum we will discuss the Jubilee Platform and how the policy demands of the poor can restructure our economy and politics. From the hood to the holler, members and leaders with the PPC will tune in to hear what is possible and necessary right now. This forum will be pivotal as we head into an intense period of voter mobilization, organization, registration, and education

1. Rev. Dr. William Barber and Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis
2. John Cavanagh (Director of the Institute for Policy Studies)
3. Darrick Hamilton (Executive Director of the Kirwan Institute and Incoming Professor of Economic and Social Policy at the New School).
4. Fernando Garcia (Executive Director of the Border Network for Human Rights).
5. Kristin Colangelo (National Secretary and Membership Director of the National Union of the Homeless)

6. Shailly Barnes (Policy Director - Poor People's Campaign)