We Need a #NewDeal4CUNY!

As a supporter of the City University of New York (CUNY), I feel the urgency of ending the University’s funding crisis. If CUNY were funded at the per student rate of just the 1990s, the operating budget would be one billion dollars greater than it is today. This is how deep the crisis goes.

And this is why I support A New Deal for CUNY legislation!

The New Deal for CUNY will return the university to the standard that it held from the founding of the Free Academy in 1847 through the 1975 fiscal crisis: free tuition. But this is just the beginning. The New Deal for CUNY will increase the number of mental health counselors, academic advisors and full time faculty, as well as increase the compensation for adjunct faculty. All of this would help to the highest quality educational experience for CUNY’s student population, 80% of whom are students of color. In addition, the legislation creates capital funding for CUNY’s crumbling infrastructure.

New Yorkers built Brooklyn College from the ground up in the wake of the Great Depression. Let’s draw on that history of investment in response to this crisis and make CUNY the university we know it can be.

I support CUNY!

I support the CUNY Rising Alliance and the Professional Staff Congress in a public, escalating campaign to win the New Deal for CUNY!

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