Support Energy Democracy at the Public Service Commission

We are in a historic moment where the choices we make will determine whether or not we have a liveable future. We have to take bold action to stop the worst impacts of climate change and to help people afford their energy bills right now—and most Kentuckians agree.

This is not just an environmental issue. The decisions made at the Public Service Commission directly impact everyone. Fossil fuels and climate change threaten our health, safety, agriculture, livelihoods and broader economy. Energy is key to affordable, stable housing. All across the country there is a growing movement for energy democracy. Communities are coming together to build a new system and demand that our regulators and policymakers do the right thing.

Our voices matter and by engaging in the process we show regulators and utilities that we are watching and we have a vision for our energy system. Will you join us in calling on the Kentucky Public Service Commission to protect the public interest, lead with vision and hold utilities accountable for creating an energy system that works for Kentuckians not just shareholders?

Read our full list of campaign goals here