Nominate Someone to Run for Office in West Virginia #wvcantwait

Know someone who should run for office? We want to help them win.

Maybe it's your high school teacher or a leader in your congregation. Maybe it's your mom. Maybe it's a young activist you know, bursting with ideas and energy. Maybe it's an old friend you've always admired. Maybe it's a leader in your union or community organization. Maybe it's someone who's never held a formal leadership role but is always serving those around them.

Right now in West Virginia, our elected officials don't represent us. They don't look like us. And they don't answer to us. Instead, they answer to our state's wealthy Good Old Boys Club.

It doesn't have to be this way.

We can win a people's government in West Virginia, where the people who work the hardest and bear the most are also the ones who write the laws. But we need hundreds of us to step forward and put our names on the ballot to do it.

Use this form to nominate as many people as you like. Each time, we will send an individual email to the person you've nominated, letting them know you believe in them and have encouraged them to run.

Once the sign the WV Can't Wait Pledge and Platform, we will also offer them the free coaching, candidate training, fundraising help, volunteer recruitment, communications assistance, and field operation that we offer all of our candidates.

With your help, we've recruited and trained 101 candidates already, and mobilized more than 900 volunteer captains. Through 197 Town Halls, we crafted a New Deal for West Virginia policy platform -- written by the people of West Virginia. And when the pandemic hit, we turned our field operation into a program to get food, medicine, unemployment benefits, and vital information to more than 39,000 West Virginians in need. Learn more at, or contact or for more information.

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