Join Planet Over Profit! Take on greedy billionaires and politicians killing our future!

We are a new youth-led movement based in New York, using people power and direct actions to take down the fossil fuels industry and the billionaire class selling our future away. While we are sipping on soggy paper straws, billionaires are competing over who has a bigger mega-yacht - it's time to take power back and reclaim our future!

We are in the middle of an existential climate crisis and a growing inequality crisis. We are choking on wildfire smoke. Black and brown communities are being poisoned and displaced by fossil fuel corporations. This is the hottest summer on record. We are sinking in debt we will never be able to repay.

The people responsible for that? Billionaires who keep profiting off coal, oil, and gas while we live under yellow apocalyptic skies and constant flood warnings. Their allies in office like Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Kathy Hochul don't stop these billionaires but rather help enrich them while they cause the climate crisis. If our so-called 'leaders' won't hold climate culprits accountable, we just have to do it ourselves. Wherever these greedy CEOs and politicians go - golf clubs, Michelin restaurants, private jets, Park Ave penthouses, board rooms - we will be there too.

Join us today to rise up against the 1% torching the planet! Help us end fossil fuels and redistribute wealth for a just and liveable future for all!

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