Write a Letter to the Editor in Support of Patrick Murphy

Florida voters are still deciding how they’re going to vote in this election. We need to make sure they know that Patrick Murphy will be a champion for working people.

Enter your ZIP code to get started, and submit a letter to the editor about why we need to send Patrick Murphy to the U.S. Senate to represent us.

Below is sample text you can use to write your letter.

Note: You’ll want to modify your letter a little from this sample text to increase the chances your letter is published. We recommend referencing your city and including a personal story in your letter, too.

Sample Letter Title:

We Need to Elect Patrick Murphy

Sample Letter Text:

  • Working people know that the path to prosperity starts with electing candidates like Patrick Murphy who support a raising wages agenda. We have the opportunity to win equal pay, paid leave, fair scheduling and higher wages.

  • We are also on the verge of beating back bad trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership that harm our communities. That is why Patrick Murphy is the right choice for Florida.

  • In Florida, we have been hard hit by the economic downturn. Patrick Murphy has put forth an agenda that aligns with the working people’s agenda. He has a plan to raise wages, protect retirement security and make college more affordable.

  • Voting is a right, and it’s a central part of our democracy. This year, with so much at stake, it is critical that we get out to vote and elect Patrick Murphy who stands with working families and will not let us down.
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