XFL Players: Sign a USW Union Card!

On your phone? Please scroll down once you finish reading to sign your card!

Here are the facts about signing a United Steelworkers (USW) Authorization Card online:

USW Authorization Cards (online or paper) are used to show the National Labor Relations Board that you want Union recognition and collective bargaining rights. By filling out the online form or signing a paper card, you are taking an important first step toward achieving a genuine voice in workplace decisions that affect you and your family.

It means you want to stand with your teammates to negotiate as equals with the XFL over the terms and conditions of your employment so that you will be respected for your skill and professionalism.

Your right to sign this card online is protected by the National Labor Relations Act.

Information collected through the online card form will be kept strictly confidential by the USW and the National Labor Relations' Board.  

You are NOT giving up your individual right to deal directly with the XFL.

NO fees or dues are required to sign a card, and no dues are collected until you and your teammates vote to ratify your first contract.