XR National Mobiliser Application

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Rapid cellular growth
Extinction Rebellion Australia are working on an exciting 'Mass Mobilisation' project to expand active networks of Local Groups across every single state. Our strategy focuses on 1) mass public mobilisation and 2) nonviolent disruptive civil disobedience at such a huge scale that State and Federal governments will compelled to act immediately to address our urgent climate and ecological crises.

Full-time 'Mass Mobilisers'
Teams of trained, actively-mobile Mass Mobilisers will be supported by local and national volunteers, to  accelerate and build on the wonderful work done so far. You'll find more on who XR Aus are, our strategy and how we plan to achieve it on our website.

In the first round, we're looking to recruit up to 20 passionate, positive and action-oriented national Mass Mobilisers with about 25+ hours a week to dedicate over the next six to 18 months. While these are volunteer positions, we hope to secure grant money and fundraising to offer those in need a modest monthly stipend. All Mobilisers will have applicable mobile phone and travel costs covered. And all will be immersed in a 2-Day Training (over Zoom) to get to know each other, and understand and practice the unparalleled task at hand.

The purpose:

1) Help existing Local Groups (who ask for support) to become more action-oriented and increase their mobilisation activities.

2) Actively create new Local Groups who'll become self-sufficient within 6 weeks. That's one to two new groups a week.

3) Collaborate nationally to attract and recruit new and diverse communities (e.g. multicultural and rural).

Mobiliser task description  

We need enthusiastic and positive individuals able to engage with their wider community and spread the buzz. Plain speakers with a variety of life experiences – you might have sales experience, community organising skills – or just be wildly excited about talking to people, 'enthusing' them into action and supporting them as they get organised. The plan is to onboard groups of Mobilisers who'll work together both face-to-face and on zoom (with support from other volunteers). Mobilisers will be state-based and be responsible for a specific region.  

Hours required: Around 25+ hours a week.


  • offer support to our current local Group Coordinators in the form of sharing new learnings and national resources.

    - work with current Local Groups and rebel data to identify gaps, then actively target new and diverse communities.

    - keep the energy up by organising regular Mass Mobilisation team meetings in your region to share updates (number of Actions, stalls etc), establish priorities and share tips and stories.

  • develop a plan of where the new groups could be set up using the rebel database. This will, of course, be adapted with local feedback over time.

  • organise, tailor and present regular Heading for Extinction (H4X) talks to establish new groups.

  • set up a minimum of one new Local Group per week, once the process is up and running (within 4 weeks).

  • train volunteer rebels to do both Heading for Extinction and Intro to Extinction Rebellion talks.

  • organise the training of Local Mobilisers who are volunteering to support your work in their local area.

  • provide support for individual local volunteer mobilisers, as needed.

  • facilitate and monitor the first weeks of Local Groups through regular contact with the group coordinators.

  • help each Local Group to develop a detailed Mobilisation Plan. These plans will be created by the groups themselves, so they own their commitment to them.

  • commit Local Groups to achieving 20-40 people per group to pledge to engage in peaceful disruption to the point of being arrested during the next rebellion event (probably early 2021). A Pledge system is in development.

  • ensure AusMM Local Group External Coordinators input data on their group’s mobilisation activities each week (e.g. number and details of house talks, stalls, phone calls, number of pledges.


How do these roles differ from current local Group Coordinator roles? Our local GCs have done unprecedented work, and one or two states have seen huge exponential growth. The aim is for state-based Mass Mobilisers to work closely with local GCs to learn what's been working and tailor H4X Talks for new and diverse local communities. Mass Mobilisers will also offer support to our current local GCs in the form of sharing new learnings and the latest national resources.  

Can Group Coordinators apply? Of course! Your local experience would be invaluable.

Can ordinary rebels apply? Of course! We need people to keep stepping up to mobilise others.

Can people without public speaking skills apply? Of course! If you are willing to try we can help.


Each Mass Mobiliser organises and/or gives 1-2 local talks a week. They then also do the follow up for each new local group. As mentioned above, the plan is to very quickly train local people to help with this process: most of the work involves organising, training and follow-up support. Mobiliser teams will have the autonomy to develop their own work thanks to the cross-pollination of ideas and feedback with teams in other regions and states.

How to apply
Interested in helping XR Aus make the world safe and liveable for future generations? Australia needs you! Please tell us a bit about yourself in the questionnaire opposite, and we'll get back to you with a phone call in the next couple of weeks, which may be followed up with a friendly interview. Enthusiasm and experience trumps nepotism and we'll use a transparent recruitment process that follows our Principles & Values. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email ausmm@ausrebellion.earth .

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