You Should Run Webinar - do you want to attend?

Interested in running for office but don’t know where to start?

Never thought about it before, but want to know what it takes?

Do you just want to see a better kind of politics in Australia?

Join Climate Leaders for on of our YOU SHOULD RUN webinars.

Our team of expert campaigners (with decades of combined experience in politics and campaigning) will guide you through:

- How to think about running
- Why you already have the talent, experience and networks to run
- What it’s like to run
- Key skills and knowledge you’ll need to run
- WHY you should run

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About Climate Leaders

We are young Australians who recruit and support Climate Leaders to run for political office. We have a long term goal of building a majority of Climate Leaders in all levels of government.

If you care about climate, are connected in your community, and have a vision for Australia. We want you to run for us!

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