Young working people in action!

They say young people are entitled, lazy and narcissistic. In fact, we are actively involved in their communities and over 93% of us are following the 2016 election because we know the huge impact this election will have on the future for all working people.

As 2016 is in full swing, young union activists and NextUp Young Worker Groups are changing the rules that are manipulated to keep us from getting ahead. Many are doing amazing work to pass living wages, fighting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, supporting organizing or contract campaigns, working to end systemic racism, fighting for comprehensive immigration reform and more.

Less than 20% of the eligible under-30 population voted in the 2014 elections. Let’s commit to change that this year. You can help by talking to your friends and neighbors about the importance of voting now through Labor 2016. On October 8, we’ll work together to showcase the power of young workers and activists by staging young worker canvasses across the country. Commit to join us! Door knocking is good exercise, AND we'll be doing our civic duty to get young people to vote.

Join us on October 8 - a national day of action for all young people. You can do two things on that day:

  1. Join us for a walk to talk to our fellow union members and neighbors. We'll connect you to a location near you.
  2. With a comfy couch, cell phone and wifi, you can call young people in swing states like Ohio and Nevada.

Sign up RIGHT NOW to make a difference and don't forget to send us a few photos to or post to social media using #1uNextUp.

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