2018 - Lauren Lareau for PA House 142

Lauren Lareau has lived in Langhorne since 2011, when she moved to the area with her son to earn a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. Lauren is a passionate educator, business owner, and proud single mom of a 14 year old, who will fight for adequate public school funding and to protect our students.
Lauren is the owner of an academic coaching business, where she has been transforming teenagers’ lives since 2008, and understands the needs of small businesses to keep taxes low. Lauren is active in many causes, especially the environment, and will fight to keep Pennsylvania’s air and water clean from the oil and gas industry. As a private citizen, Lauren has done everything she can to speak up for our environment, women’s rights, healthcare, education, and lower taxes. Since her voice seems to constantly fall on deaf ears, she has decided to run for office, so she can be the change she so strongly desires in our government.

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