A Fight to Honor Lily Fairfield

On November 10, 2021, Lily and Zoe Fairfield were traveling to drop Lily, 16, off at school. As they came over a hill on the route they had taken so many times before, their lives would be changed forever from a preventable tragedy. Lily lost her life that day - Zoe lost a sister - their father, Mark, lost a daughter.

Across Kentucky, 15,000 people will be arrested annually for DUI. Many of these people will be released with no time served and back on the roads thanks to Kentucky's administrative release practices. Nearly a quarter of all those arrested for DUI will be repeat this offense. Though, in Kentucky, it not until their fourth time being caught endangering lives that a person will be charged with a felony.

The point is simple: Kentucky's DUI laws do not adequately punish people for heinous acts that endanger public safety. In fact, our laws are much weaker than neighboring states as they relate to DUIs, which is why Kentucky has such high rates of DUI recidivism.

We - you - can fix this. Help us urge Kentucky lawmakers to put our children and families first, think sensibly about this very real problem we face, and act as soon as possible to ensure no other parents, siblings, children, or spouses must lose a loved one in an accident that could have been prevented.

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