ABQ Democracy Dollars

Albuquerque, NM

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Are you tired of big money deciding our elections?

Too many elections are often decided by a small group of secretive and rich political donors. They have all the power to decide who represents us, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Democracy Dollars gives the power back to the people—at no extra cost to the taxpayer—by letting public candidates raise small contributions from regular people who normally wouldn’t participate in funding campaigns.

Today’s candidates pay too much attention to wealthy donors and not enough to regular people.

Democracy Dollars will help to modernize the city’s current public financing program because they will ensure that participating candidates from all parts of the city can run competitive campaigns based on the strength of their local support, not the size of campaign contribution checks.

Democracy Dollars gives candidates the freedom (and the incentive) to walk out of that high-dollar fundraiser and come knock on your door—for a real conversation about what matters to you. Every year, fewer and fewer candidates take public financing: they know it's gotten harder to win under the current structure, letting big donors’ voices are dominating the elections that should be determined by all of Albuquerque’s voters.

Albuquerque overwhelmingly wants more public financing, not less: we voted for it by 70%. Democracy Dollars renews the viability of the public financing program for our city.

Seattle implemented a similar program in 2017 and all but one candidate in the general election ran with vouchers and small donations—that’s a program that works.

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