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Chicago, IL

Uptown People's Law Center (UPLC) is a nonprofit legal organization that has nine pending class action lawsuits against the Illinois Department of Corrections, including one regarding the abuse of solitary confinement. UPLC supports HB5417, The Isolated Confinement Restriction Act, a bill in the Illinois General Assembly that would end the torture of solitary confinement in Illinois prisons and jails. Subjecting individuals to isolation for over 23 hours per day is torture, and "cruel and unusual punishment" in violation of the U.S. Constitution. If passed, this bill will require that prisoners in Illinois are allowed out of their cells for at least 4 hours per day. It will limit solitary to a maximum of 5 days in any 150 day period, and will ensure solitary is used only when absolutely necessary, and never on vulnerable populations. Please take action and contact your Illinois state legislators to end the torture of solitary confinement!

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