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Arkansas has the worst landlord-tenant laws compared to any other state. We are the only state that does not have laws in place to protect renters. A Warranty of Habitability law would allow renters to protect themselves and their families from slumlords who do not make needed repairs or rent out unsafe and unhealthy apartments and rent houses. In order to give renters in Arkansas a voice, members of Arkansas Community Organizations have started a renters organization called Arkansas Renters United (ARU). ARU will fight for balanced landlord tenant laws so that renters have rights and protections. The organization aims to mobilize individuals directly affected by substandard housing, focus their attention on speaking out against cruel landlords, and inevitably change the structure of landlord tenant relations in Arkansas.

If you are a tenant in Arkansas experiencing substandard housing conditions such as mold, bug infestations, clogged plumbing, etc, visit our renters group on Facebook, Arkansas Renters United, and find out how you can join the movement to bring about change!

If you are an Arkansas Renter:

  • dissatisfied with your living conditions

  • who wants to improve housing through fair laws

  • who believes everyone should have the right to decent housing...

Call us at 501-376-7151 and join our Arkansas Renters United Facebook page here!

Share with other AR renters you know to build a strong group to make renting better for everyone!

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