Our Revolution- Washington Berniecrats Coalition


Welcome back Berniecrats!

We have stayed engaged around the issues, vetting progressive candidates, supporting progressive legislation, bringing resolutions through our cities, counties and up through state. We have members actively working on writing legislation for single payer healthcare right now. We can replicate the steps needed to draft other very important legislation such as election reform and anti-corruption measures. We need to break down the barriers that stifle many voices.

At the Washington Berniecrats Coalition you will be working with a passionate and diverse team of individuals all across the state. Each one dedicated to fight the duopoly system as it stands. It's time that we the people bring the legislation needed for change. We are now partnered with UpHill media and are now hosting and producing the Progressive Washington show.

We are excited to work with every one of you and explore each others talents and insights so that this movement genuinely reflects the best in each and every one of us.

Thank you for bringing your talents and excitement to our state.

We Have Endorsed these initiatives:

Whole Washington I-1600

De-Escalate Washington I-940
Candidates we have Endorsed:

Dorothy Gasque for CD 3

Sarah Smith for CD 9

Tamborine Borrelli for CD 10

Our Actions

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