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Wilmington, NC

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Black Man Running aspires to create a dynamic social justice movement through the power of movement.

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What is it?

Black Man Running is a 5K (3.1mile) run and walk promoting healthy lifestyles and supporting racial justice in Wilmington, NC. There will be a series of community events and workshops leading up to the main event (which includes the 5k), to be held November 7th, 2015. Attendees will share in music, dance, performance art and visual stimulation. BMR is an all inclusive and open to people of all backgrounds.

How does that help racial justice?

We’ll be making a contribution to a local racial justice organization and inviting other organizations that want to amplify the call for racial justice to form “Black Man Running” unity teams.

Why is it called “Black Man Running”?

Our name is a special shout out to African-American males, a group facing a stark public health crisis. BMR is all inclusive and everyone is welcome to participate.

What do you mean?

African-American males are more likely to be victims of ailments like heart and respiratory disease. And generally, black males are more likely to die prematurely.

Why Wilmington?

Besides being our hometown, Wilmington has always played a vital role in the struggle for civil rights. As we have talked with people across the community we have learned that there is a desire for folks to come together across racial, cultural, geographic and other divides. BMR wants to play a positive role in Wilmington and beyond!

Aren’t you stirring people up?

Considering the vibrant conversation we’ve having about race in this country, lately, we think places like Wilmington are already stirred up. Black Man Running offers a positive and healthful way to express their frustrations and hopes.

How can my organization partner with BMR?

We’ll be encouraging BMR participants to spend time on partner websites, join partner mailing lists, donate to partner causes, and attend other, non-BMR-related partner events. We hope to act as a megaphone for important anti-racist campaigns and causes in Wilmington. Want to get your organization involved? It is easy. A simple way is to table at BMR.

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