Box Populi!

Millburn, NJ

We are a non-partisan, grassroots movement educating, motivating and mobilizing thousands of women and families to take action that will result in greater equality, justice and a better world for all.  As women we are a resounding voice for progress.  


  • Equality
  • Reproductive Rights
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Environmental Protections
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Common Sense Gun Reforms


We believe all people are created equal.

We believe in equal pay for equal work.

We believe you should be able to love who you love and the government should recognize that.

We believe a woman’s body and her reproductive decisions are her own.

We believe in leaving our planet better than we found it for our children.

We believe in civility, compromise and respect.

We believe that guns should be used thoughtfully.

We believe everyone is entitled to proper healthcare.

We believe black lives matter.

We believe lives of the disabled matter.

We believe all people should be free from religious persecution.

We believe we should embrace our rich cultural heritage as a nation of immigrants.

We believe all people have a voice, and a right to use that voice.

We believe in providing a platform for our youth to become active and involved citizens.

We believe in government for the people, by the people…ALL PEOPLE


  • Fight to maintain the freedoms for which we have worked so hard. Forge a clear path towards those rights that have until now, been elusive.
  • Promote fair and progressive Supreme Court t justices.
  • Ensure more women and progressives elected to public office (local & state)
  • Make ourselves known as a powerful group of citizens who vote and impossible to ignore by elected officials.
  • Push for the re-instatement of ALL aspects of the Voting Rights Act
    • Be vocal about ending gerrymandering, voter discrimination and intimidation
  • Voter outreach: Educate voters on what they stand to lose, motivate them to action
  • Fight bigotry, lies and hostility -- not each other
  • Utilize social media to create an ongoing “brand” presence for Box Populi and embolden members (particularly youth) to become trail blazers in this movement.
  • Empower young and old to envision a world where ‘feminist’ is not a dirty word.


  • Provide education and outreach on our issues and how to effect change and get involved
  • Reframe the discussion around issues and not personalities

We stand by our commitment to uphold the principles of equality, tolerance, inclusiveness.

Our Actions

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