California High School Democrats

California High School Democrats (CAHSD) is a statewide political organization that serves as a gateway to political involvement for high school students. We have hundreds of members who work from a local level to advance the values of the Democratic Party, engage fellow students in political activism, and elect Democrats to public office at the local, state, and federal level. We also participate in voter registration initiatives and other political activities.

With our wide array of resources, CAHSD is able to provide opportunities for high schoolers to become more involved with the Democratic Party. CAHSD is entirely student-led, meaning our Chair, Vice Chair, and Executive Board members are all high school students.

While we give our members a multitude of opportunities to join campaign teams and volunteer, we know that democracy doesn’t end after every election cycle. That is why we incentivize our members to join us throughout the year through events and partnerships with organizations such as the Climate Strike, March for Our Lives, and Field Team 6.

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