Citizens Cymru Wales

Founded in October 2014, Citizens Cymru Wales builds diverse alliances of communities organising for power, social justice and the common good.

Our member organisations are are churches, schools, mosques, unions and other civil society organisation that have:

  • deep roots in their community;
  • an interest in developing people to become effective community leaders;
  • a vision for greater social justice;
  • a willingness to turn that vision into action for the common good;
  • a hunger for change which local people can see, taste or touch.

We are non-partisan, but we promote greater democratic participation in public life. Our broad-based community organising method (read more here) helps ordinary people to get a seat at the table with those in power and negotiate for change on the local issues they care about.

Since 2014, Citizens Cymru Wales campaigns have resulted in:

  • £15 million of extra wages for Welsh workers from the campaign we lead for the Real Living Wage (figures from Cardiff Business School);
  • the resettlement of Syrian refugees across Wales, and the pioneering of Community Sponsorship in Narberth, Fishguard, Aberystwyth and Haverfordwest;
  • numerous local campaigns, such as the provision of a new Zebra crossing on the Gurnos, the first Halal Nando’s in Cardiff, and the development of dementia-friendly Zimmers.

If this resonates with you and your organisation, please get in touch to find out how you can become a member organisation.

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