Connecticut Citizen Research Group

Hartford, CT

The Connecticut Citizen Research Group (CCRG) is dedicated to actively engaging the residents of Connecticut in bringing about social, environmental, and economic justice. We seek to increase public participation in addressing consumer, environmental and social justice issues by finding community leaders, offering training in the skills of active citizenship and by providing the information needed to promote public awareness of problems and potential solutions.

Together, two separate entities called Connecticut Citizen Action Group, Inc. and Connecticut Citizen Research Group, Inc. form Connecticut Citizen Action Group. Although the work of the two entities overlap, some activities are done by one and not the other. The primary distinction is with respect to lobbying activity.

Connecticut Citizen Action Group, Inc., a 501(c)(4) entity, lobbies the legislature to advance Connecticut Citizen Action Group’s mission of utilizing grassroots power and creating change on the issues of health care, education, the protection of consumers, the environment, advancing government transparency, and urging corporate accountability.

Connecticut Citizen Research Group, however, is a 501(c) (3) organization. Accordingly, its ability to engage in lobbying is limited by federal law. Donations to it are tax-deductible by the contributor. Connecticut Citizen Action Group Inc. performs the lobbying activity discussed on the Connecticut Citizen Action Group website. Connecticut Citizen Research Group performs most of the research and education activities discussed on the Web site.

You may make a contribution to Connecticut Citizen Action Group, Inc., Connecticut Citizen Research Group, or both. Contributions to both organizations are used to support our public interest work. However, each Connecticut Citizen Action Group entity will use only the funds contributed directly to it. Only gifts to the Research Group are tax-deductible

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