CRPH/NUG Support Group (Australia)

CRPH/NUG Support Group (Australia)

Based on CRPH International Relation Representative U Htin Linn Aung’s advice, the activists in Australia set up a formation committee on 28 March 2021 to establish the CRPH/NUG support groups in Australia.

The committee developed a Terms of Reference to ensure that the support groups were organized in a systematic manner. After a series of formation meetings across Australia, establishment of the state level support groups were successfully completed by the end of April 2021.

On 8 May 2021, the national body “CRPH/NUG Support Group (Australia)” was successfully formed with 16 representatives who are democratically elected by state-level CRPH/NUG Support Groups from six States and two Territories in Australia. We are very proud to support CRPH, NUG and the CRPH International Relations for restoration of democracy and human rights, and elimination of military dictatorship in Myanmar.

Our Purpose

In accordance with the four political visions of CRPH/NUG and four objectives in the Federal Democracy Charter – the purpose of the CRPH/NUG support groups in Australia shall be:

  1. To assist upon request from CRPH/NUG and its International Relations Department in the areas of fundraising, lobbying the Australian Government and Parliament, liaising with and between Australian government bodies, Myanmar ethnic communities and CRPH/NUG.
  2. To provide updates upon request from CRPH/NUG and its International Relations Department, on Australian Government’s policy and political views on Myanmar and Asia-Pacific geopolitics impacting Myanmar; and
  3. To take actions in Australia based on special requests on an ad-hoc basis from CRPH/NUG and its International Relations Department.

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