'David Attenborough Rewilds The World'; a Team-Artwork by Dennie Boxem

On this artwork 'David Attenborough Rewilds The World' have contributed over 1.250 people to state that every individual action to change climate change for the better counts.

David Attenborough Rewilds The World is a Team-Artwork by Dutch artist Dennie Boxem. Over 1.250 people (and going!) have contributed.

By letting every visitor off his gallery add one green dot the painting, the artwork states that every individual action to better climate change counts! As well visualizing how many people care, engage and act.

During the GLOBAL CLIMATE STRIKE people can continue to contribute a green dot in Galerie Dennie Boxem (Roggenstraat 21, Zwolle, The Netherlands). But as well, the second painting in this series will be released; Greta Thunberg Rewilds The World.

If you want to contribute to Sir David or Greta from your homes; send a DM to @dennieboxem on Instagram. You will receive a VIDEO of him contributing your dot.

In May 2021 Boxem handed over 500 plants plants for free, to everyone who contributed to the artwork.

Short film on 'David Attenborough Rewilds The World'

Short film on 'Handing Out 500 Free Plants'-action

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