Dianne Morales for NYC Mayor


Dianne Morales is running for Mayor of New York City because she believes that government isn’t just about policies. Her candidacy is grounded in the notion that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That opportunity is created when we each take responsibility, not just for ourselves, but for our neighbors and for our communities.

Our City thrives when every woman is able to live safely, every family has a pathway to economic opportunity, and every child has access to quality education. Dianne refuses to accept the “norms” of a housing system that forces thousands of New Yorkers onto the street, a healthcare system that condemns patients to a lifetime of debt and an immigration system that forces people to live in the shadows.

As the former CEO of several multi-million dollar social service non-profits and a single mother, Dianne has witnessed firsthand the barriers faced by every New Yorker. But, Dianne has also seen how powerful we are together when we harness our creativity and common purpose to solve New York’s toughest challenges.

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