Environmental Investigation Agency

The Environmental Investigation Agency is an award-winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is internationally renowned for its use of innovative investigative techniques that expose environmental crimes and make sustainable management of the world’s natural resources possible. For over three decades, EIA has confronted the world’s most pressing environmental problems, instigated systematic changes in global markets, and promoted precautionary policies that protect the natural world from exploitation through undercover investigations, in-depth analysis of supply chains and trade data, and aggressive advocacy coupled with diplomacy. EIA has built strong networks of local and international partnerships and stands in solidarity with indigenous and other local communities in defending their environment and achieving positive, tangible, and enduring changes via improved environmental governance. EIA was instrumental in the 1989 international ban on ivory trade, the first to call for a global phase-out of hydrofluorocarbon gases for their extreme global warming potential, and spearheaded the successful movement to prohibit the import of illegally harvested wood into the U.S. us.eia.org

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