Elders Stand for Fair Elections


The Path to Sound Governance Requires a Safe and Fair 2020 Election

Our Campaign Mission:

To ensure that all eligible voters are able to exercise their right to cast a vote in the November 2020 general election safely, easily, and with confidence that their vote is duly counted.

Fund safe elections now! According to election experts, our states and communities will need at least $3 billion of immediate federal funding to conduct a fair and safe 2020 election. We elders vote consistently and we insist on the right for all to vote safely. We care deeply about this issue, we are watching, and we intend to hold our elected officials accountable for supporting safe and fair elections.

Please help us let our U.S. senators and representatives know how strongly we feel about doing everything they can to ensure a safe and fair 2020 election.

Why should we care about this?

Fair elections are a paramount concern for elders who value the constitutional right to vote and who understand that an election that reflects the will of the people is the cornerstone of a successful democracy. Fair elections are a prerequisite to environmental, social, and economic policies and subsequent legislation that responsibly address climate change and other issues key to our society’s well-being.

In the April 7, 2020 Wisconsin election debacle, many polling places were shuttered, and voters were not provided a reasonable opportunity to vote by mail. Some poll workers subsequently succumbed to COVID-19. This debacle awakened us to the reality that we must ensure and protect the rights of all voters to cast a ballot freely, securely, and safely. Conducting a fair election this year requires national and state reforms of election law and procedure, and investment in voting capacity development.  

What is needed for fair and safe elections?

  1. State and local election authorities need immediate federal funds to properly administer the 2020 elections

  2. Eligible citizens need the opportunity to vote safely, i.e. vote-by-mail

  3. Early voting, safe and plentiful polling places, on-line or automatic voter registration, streamlined identity verification and other measures are all necessary

  4. Other sources of voter suppression and unequal access to voting that need to be addressed.

Let your elected officials know how strongly you feel about their doing everything they can to ensure a safe and fair 2020 election!

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