Fed Up

Durham, NC

Raise Up/Fight For 15, NC Poor People's Campaign and Carolina Jews for Justice are stepping in to do what our government isn't. We're building worker power and keeping bellies full. We are a movement led by low-wage workers building power to push with dignity and grit for the changes we need. We are Fed Up with the lack of safety precautions and equipment on the job, Fed Up with the onslaught of evictions and unsafe housing conditions during and before the pandemic, and Fed Up with people choosing between putting food on the table, paying rent, or paying for life saving medicine. We’ve been coming together not only to meet some of the most urgent needs of people in our community but to also understand how we got to this point where people are hungry and houseless in the richest nation in the world. This crisis did not start with this pandemic: workers have been Fed Up for a long time about evictions, low pay, and out of control utility bills and healthcare costs.

We are:
Getting to know each other and our communities;
Learning together; and
Distributing groceries and face masks.

Our Actions

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