Fenceline Watch

Houston, TX

As people living in the gulf coast surrounded by fossil fuel infrastructure, we rise in response to the rapid oil and gas expansion in the midst of the global climate crisis. Fenceline Watch is dedicated to the eradication of toxic multigenerational harm on communities living along the fenceline of industry.  

We believe a functional revolution is necessary to achieve equitable living conditions for low-resourced fenceline communities of color.

We advocate to eliminate disparities of environmentally vulnerable communities and seek to increase effective access to justice- including redress, remedy, and inclusion in the decision-making process.

We will establish a counterbalance to an industry that has leveraged systemic inequities to skirt environmental oversight, expand, and harm our most vulnerable.

We strive towards a future not dependent on extraction, and support opportunities for healthy, safe, and productive lives.

We work in the spirit of cooperation and intersectionality by embracing innovative movement-building strategies.

We are dedicated to equitably meeting the developmental and environmental needs of future generations.

Together, in solidarity, we will succeed in our collective survival.

We are watching the fenceline.

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