Forward Wisconsin: Winning a Budget for Wisconsin’s Working Families

After a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, workers and families are struggling. Even before the pandemic hit, too many were living on the edge, working multiple jobs, one medical bill away from crisis. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Everyone in Wisconsin deserves the opportunity to thrive, and that starts with the state budget. Now is the time to build upon our resilience and invest in a recovery that benefits all of us. We can provide opportunity for each and every Wisconsinite by investing in affordable childcare and neighborhood schools, in job training and affordable college, in our small businesses and innovation.

We can make sure every family has access to quality, affordable healthcare options, reform our broken criminal justice system, and address racial and economic disparities. We can fix our roads and build up our infrastructure, strengthen our democracy, and tackle big challenges like climate change.

Now, more than ever, Wisconsinites need a budget that puts the people first. We need your help to make it happen. Forward Wisconsin is working to amplify the voices of Wisconsinites like you so we can make real change through the Wisconsin Budget.

We will be meeting virtually and organizing across the state to make sure that every representative hears your voice as they vote on the budget. Will you join us?

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About Forward Wisconsin

Forward Wisconsin is a project of the Wisconsin Assembly Democrats aimed at lifting the voices of Wisconsinites who believe our budget should work for working families.

We’ll share ways for each and every Wisconsinite to engage with the budget process, so we can move Governor Tony Evers’ budget forward and build a state that works for workers and families.

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