Green Travel Hampshire

Green Travel Hampshire wants to make travelling in and around Hampshire greener, healthier and with reduced carbon emissions to tackle the climate emergency.  

We bring together groups and individuals who want a greener, fairer county with active, liveable towns, cities and rural communities, where walking, cycling, public transport and low carbon travel options are the easiest choices for getting about for education, work, shopping, leisure and tourism.

Our focus is on travelling around Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, including Portsmouth and Southampton, but working with neighbouring areas.

To develop a county wide network of groups to make our travel greener:
  1. By encouraging the low carbon travel modes according to the travel hierarchy (walking first, cars last)
  2. By reducing the need to travel and cutting unnecessary journeys
  3. To promote walking and cycling as a preferred option for local journeys
  4. To reduce carbon and particulate emissions, pollution and traffic congestion
  5. To improve health, well-being and our environment

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And fill in Hampshire County Council's consultation to ask for a greener Transport Policy.

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