Headington Liveable Streets

Headington Liveable Streets

A proposal for a new way of living

In spite of the enormous hardship of the Covid-19 lockdown, there were some unexpected benefits. Air and noise pollution were significantly reduced – in fact levels of nitrogen dioxide in Oxford city centre fell below the legal limit for the first time in generations during the strict lockdown period. Residents of all ages were able to walk and cycle more safely around their streets. Communities also benefited as the quieter roads drew more people out onto their streets to chat to neighbours. Headington Liveable Streets would like to ensure these benefits are maintained post-lockdown, so that people can continue to adhere to social-distancing guidelines and safely travel around their neighbourhoods.

We believe that most people in Headington want the same things –

  • A thriving community and street life
  • Buoyant cafes, restaurants and shops
  • Clean air
  • Access to essential services
  • Safer and quieter streets
  • Clear steps to address climate change

Keeping these aims in mind, Headington Liveable Streets advocates the introduction of school streets, as well as low-traffic neighbourhoods – a recognised way of reducing the overall volume of traffic in an area that is currently being implemented in cities around the country.

About Headington Liveable Streets

Headington Liveable Streets was formed in May 2020 by residents from across Headington who share an interest in reducing traffic in the area and are inspired by the model of low-traffic neighbourhoods.

We want to build a wide, community-led movement that:

  1. Engages Headington residents
  2. Unites those already working to achieve this change, and
  3. Supports the implementation of low-traffic neighbourhoods with the aim of reducing the overall volume of traffic in the area

Our vision is for community-led liveable streets across Headington, where active travel is made easy, playing out is safe, air quality is improved, neighbourhood connections thrive.

We comprise an organising group, a team of community volunteers, and welcome further supporters who share our aims. If you’d like to join us, please get in touch by emailing us at headington@oxlivsts.org.uk and/or join our mailing list to receive updates on events and developments in Headington.

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