Herd on the Hill

Washington, DC

Our Mission

Herd on the Hill uses direct action on Capitol Hill to contact Senators and Representatives on behalf of constituents. Many citizens have not been able to access their Members of Congress through traditional means – phone calls, letters, district office visits, and town halls. They seek novel ways to amplify their
messages and to get genuine responses from their elected officials. Herd on the Hill facilitates connections between constituents with Members of Congress and their DC office staff, who handle most of the policy issues about which constituents have views.

Herd on the Hill’s assets are threefold. First, Herd on the Hill projects constituent speech directly and physically into congressional offices. Second, Herd on the Hill has the ability to develop relationships with all congressional offices in order to compare congressional responses to constituents. Finally, Herd on the Hill’s volunteers in the District of Columbia are highly motivated, as they have no voting representation in the House or the Senate. Herd on the Hill a way for these politically savvy and energized citizens to leverage their presence in the nation’s capitol.

Herd on the Hill uses the most marginally effective ways of making constituent voices heard in DC congressional offices, such as discussing constituent petitions and letters with policy staff, facilitating phone calls and video chats between constituents and policy staff, and conducting large scale campaigns designed for media impact. Herd on the Hill’s methods are evolving. Because Members of Congress are indifferent to people who live outside their states and districts, Herd on the Hill only facilitates contact between constituents and their representatives.

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