IL Coalition Against Fracking

[city], IL

The Members of the Coalition agree that Hydraulic Fracturing or “fracking” is inherently unsafe and that nothing short of its complete prohibition is acceptable. We commit to bring an end to all forms of fracking and to create a just energy transition to clean, renewable sources of energy.

The “Life Cycle” definition of fracking: “Fracking is the entire above and below ground process of hydro-carbon extraction–from leases and well-site prep through waste disposal and well abandonment–where hydraulic fracturing is employed.”

The Industry would define fracking as “The process of injecting a fluid or gas under pressure to fracture a source rock containing hydrocarbons.”

The Coalition defines “fracking” as the process by which fluid is injected deep underground under high pressure to fracture layers of rock and thereby extract oil or gas. We work to stop both industrialized fracking and related infrastructure, including frac sand mining, high volume water extraction, fracking-associated waste disposal, injection wells, pipelines and other means of transporting oil and natural gas. While resisting fracking, we advocate for and support a transition to a carbon neutral economy.

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