Imagine Water Works

New Orleans, LA

The Mutual Aid Response Network is a group of Louisiana residents, led by Imagine Water Works, that activates during floods, storms, and other natural and manmade disasters.

All donations to this fund will support relief and recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Ida, as well as essential preparation for the rest of hurricane season.

About Us:

  • New Orleans has been our home for generations, and we live and work here year round.
  • Our leadership is Native, Creole, queer, trans, and deeply connected to our community.
  • We've supported preparedness and recovery work at home since 2012, in addition to supporting Southwest Louisiana through Hurricane Laura and recently extending our hurricane prep outreach to the Northeastern U.S. for Hurricane Henri.
  • We have extensive lived + trained experience in mutual aid and disaster preparedness, relief, and recovery. We are actively reimagining disaster relief as liberatory and shame-free.
  • We are supported and held accountable by our community, locally and across the South, and are transparent about who we are and how we do our work. You can find out more about our team on our website at

Our Actions

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