Washington, DC

Inseparable fights for a future where mental health policy, no longer an afterthought, helps our country thrive. Together, we will empower Americans from every town, city, and home to better care for one another by demanding and winning policy that better cares for us all.

We are coming together as a united force to press our leaders to recognize — with both policy and tangible solutions — that mental health care is health care, period. We’re winning access to care for those who are suffering but are illegally denied coverage. We’re fighting for programs proven to help vulnerable kids leave behind traumatic pasts and pursue hopeful futures. We’re working to ensure people across America can access support, no matter where they live.

Because we all go through hard times. We lose jobs and loved ones. We get anxious and depressed. We feel like we’re barely hanging on sometimes. For some of us, it’s clinical. For all of us, it matters. And when we care for our minds, it’s no less urgent than the care we need for our bodies. Each affects the other — just like us. Together, we are inseparable.

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