Institutional Rescue and Recovery Coalition

Chicago, IL

People before institutions.

In a pandemic, enclosed, congregate settings have been called "petri dishes for Covid"

More than half of ALL Illinois covid-19 deaths have been in long-term care congregate facilities (nursing homes and other types). The institutional Rescue and Recovery Coalition is working to push the state and other levels of government to take emergency measures that prioritize the health and safety of people in institutions - including emergency relocations that get people out of institutions into non-congregate settings, hotels if necessary, with the proper supports.

See coalition statement of values and objectives here.

The Coalition demands PPE for all facility residents and workers, strengthened oversight and accountability, creation of policies and protocols for future emergencies that emphasize getting people with disabilities out of institutions when disasters (such as a pandemic, fire, flood) strike, and other measures.  

But this coalition's emphasis is on saving lives, now, and prioritizing human needs -- which requires recognizing that people endangered in a disaster deserve to be moved to safer places.

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