Kevin for CLE

Cleveland City Council President Kevin J. Kelley began his journey of serving our community as a volunteer, social worker, and community activist. He witnessed firsthand the power that advocacy has to change lives. But he knew that he could do more for more people if he could affect change at the policy level.

And the way you change policy is through public service.

Kevin Kelley is one of Cleveland’s most tireless advocates. He sees the potential in the city that has been his family’s home for generations. But he knows that there’s work to be done in order for us to achieve that potential.

Kevin sees a future for Cleveland in which we – as a community – commit to investing in Cleveland. But not only in the place. It’s a commitment to invest in the people who make Cleveland, well, Cleveland. The people who live here. In every neighborhood. Of every race, gender, creed and wherever they are in their lives.

Because Cleveland will reach its full potential when we help every Clevelander reach theirs.

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