Lift Retail Jobs

Who are we?

The Lift Retail Jobs Campaign, a coalition of people, business and civil society groups who have a vested interest in improving the quality of retail jobs in Indianapolis, is committed to building a long-term and broad-based movement to raise the living and working standards of retail workers in our city for the betterment of all.

What do we do?

The Lift Retail Jobs Campaign is challenging retailers in Indianapolis to be better corporate citizens by building support for a Retail Workers Bill of Rights for retail workers in our city. The Retail Workers Bill of Rights will promote full-time work and access to hours; fair scheduling practices; equal treatment for part-time workers; protection for all retail workers regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation; job and benefit protections in the event of a corporate takeover; affordable health care and paid sick leave; workplace safety and health protections; and freedom of association for retail workers.  

For more information, call 317-379-5206.

Our Actions

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