Montana Federation of Public Employees

[city], MT

The Montana Federation of Public Employees is Montana’s largest labor union. Our 25,000 members work all across the state, serving the people of Montana. We are:

  • State, county, & municipal employees
  • Public K-12 school teachers and support staff
  • Higher education faculty
  • Health care employees
  • Head Start teachers and staff
  • Retired members
  • Student members (college students who plan to become teachers)

Montana Federation of Public Employees members are Montanans who teach children and young people, protect public safety, keep our drinking water clean, supervise prisoners, manage wildlife, provide health care, and much more.

What we stand for:
We stand for strong public services and public education to support a civil society and a strong middle class in Montana.

We advocate for our members, for Montana's children, and Montana's families. We support adequate funding for quality public services and public education.

We support employees' rights on the job.  

Our Actions

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