Mercer Co. Democratic Party (Ohio)

Celina, OH

We believe in a society that is diverse in culture, thought, familial status, race, and religion. We believe in a society that strengthens families and protects children. We believe in a society that puts the health, safety and prosperity of its citizens first; a society that promotes excellence in education, ensures affordable health care for all of its citizens, and protects the environment. We believe in the equality of all citizens and condemn discrimination. We believe in the opportunity to achieve economic security, affordable housing, good jobs at a livable wage, and protection for workers. We believe in the dignity and responsibility of work and of the worker. We believe in a society that respects its elders who deserve the right to retire with the resources they need and have earned to support themselves in their golden years. We believe that the best government is one that is efficient and adapts to meet the needs of its citizens, doing for the whole that which the individual is unable to do. And we believe that individual participation in the governing process is more than a right, it is an obligation.

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